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Are you in need of a vision test in order to renew your driver’s license?

Visit Franklin RX Pharmacy for your next DMV Vision Test in Hempstead.

If you’re renewing your driver’s license online you will need to have your vision tested.

Save yourself a trip to the DMV and have your vision tested at one of our locations so you can renew your license online at home. No appointment necessary!

Results are reported to the DMV electronically and are good for 12 months before you renew.

For more information or to request for assistance, please call us at: (516) 292-0222

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Franklin Rx Pharmacy is your local and regional specialty drugstore ready to serve all of your pharmaceutical needs. Specializing in helping injured workers and accident victims get back to living life without the concern, worry or pain. Let us take care you and your case to the fullest.

Get started with Franklin Rx, the patient forward pharmacy, today.

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